Applied Motion Lab

Welcome to the webpage for the Applied Motion Lab. Our research group covers many topics relating to analyzing, synthesizing, and improving the complex dynamic elements of real and virtual worlds.

Topics of recent study include:
  • Crowd Simulation
  • Human Motion Analysis
  • Multi-Robot Navigation
  • Computer Animation for Games and VR
  • Virtual Storytelling
Location: 5-216 Keller Hall, UMN
Phone: (612) 626-7493

Lab Members

Lab director
Dr. Stephen J. Guy
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Dr. Ioannis Karamouzas
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Graduate Students


John Koenig
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Bilal Kartal
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Julio Godoy
Supervised by Dr. Maria Gini


Devin Lange
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David Cherry
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Jassiem Iffil
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Kurtis Holme (B.S., 2013)
3rd Wave Systems
  Nate Buck (B.S., 2013)